Bamboo Landscape

Bill P. installed Bamboo Flooring, Bamboo Fencing and Composite Bamboo Decking in his tropical backyard.

Hi. My name is Bill Probert. Welcome to my home in Leucadia, California. Just recently we decided to do some home improvement projects, and we had two things that we wanted to keep in mind. The first is to create an environment that worked with my family and our lifestyle, and second was to create an environment that is friendly to our environment. And that’s where Cali Bamboo came in. We had several projects. The first project was for our guest house where we needed to install a floor. We chose Cali Bamboo and their bamboo flooring for two reasons. One, because of the sustainability and two because it was a very beautiful flooring material that we put in. Our second project was to create fencing in our backyard. We chose the Cali Bamboo black bamboo fencing because, one, it was just absolutely beautiful and it integrated well into the landscape, tropical kind of design that we have here in our home. Ok, the next project, which was our third project, we needed some decking for our lanai at our guest house and we chose the BamDeckComposite Bamboo Decking material and it turned out absolutely great. We had a great time working with Cali Bamboo. Our house turned out beautiful. The comments about the materials we used, particularly the bamboo fencing is something that our friends always comment about. We had a great experience. The product looks wonderful and we can’t wait to do more business with them.