GreenClaimed® Debuts Eucalyptus & Bamboo Fall Flooring Collection

New Eucalyptus Flooring Collection

New Eucalyptus and hand scraped solid click lock versatility.

San Diego, CA October 10, 2013

Cali Bamboo®, a leading manufacturer in green building materials made primarily out of bamboo, announces the expansion of the widely popular handscraped Fossilized® flooring line with the addition four new click lock variations and two eucalyptus floors launched under the GreenClaimed® brand.

Building on the legacy of their Fossilized® Java family of floors, Cali Bamboo is proud to offer four new handscraped click lock options with the introduction of Antique Java (wide and standard), Antique Cocoa and Distressed Java bamboo flooring. Building on the GreenClaimed brand and expanding into another green material option, two click lock eucalyptus floors round out the 6 new flooring offerings.

The new Fossilized® Eucalyptus line of hardwood floors will be marketed under the companies GreenClaimed® brand which expands the mission of offering high quality rapidly renewable products that are extremely durable. “We saw a market need for a sustainable floor with the bold wood grains of traditional timbers. Now, thanks to our Fossilized manufacturing process and GreenClaimed® brand, we combined two great ideas and created an amazing new green flooring option,” said Jeff Goldberg, Founder and CEO of Cali Bamboo.

Though eucalyptus has the appearance of an exotic or reclaimed hardwood, it also has all the benefits of a rapidly renewable material since it can be harvested every 14 years. Eucalyptus is one of the few trees that can actually regenerate from its cut trunk, eliminating habitat and soil degradation as well as erosion. Eucalyptus also has the added ability to adapt and thrive in nearly all environments across the globe, including the driest, which can help reduce the carbon footprint from transportation and water consumption.

With ultra-low VOC and no added urea formaldehyde, Fossilized® flooring is safe, chemical-free and backed by an industry leading 50-year residential warranty. The Fall Flooring Collection is available immediately, ships globally and is delivered to your door from one of our nationwide distribution centers.

These wood grains are unlike anything you can get from bamboo.

Natural Fossilized® Eucalyptus Wide Click Flooring

Mocha Fossilized® Eucalyptus Wide Click Flooring

Introducing GreenClaimed® Cork Flooring Planks

Cork Flooring Planks

Cali Bamboo Launches GreenClaimed® Cork Flooring Line

San Diego, CA June 14, 2013

Cali Bamboo, a leading manufacturer in green building materials for residential and commercial projects made primarily from bamboo, today announced its first GreenClaimed flooring line created from cork, another highly renewable and recycled material.

GreenClaimed Cork Flooring is a click-and-lock product manufactured from reclaimed cork used in the wine industry, and is one of the first cork flooring lines available in a 5.5 inch by 48 inch plank format.

“The new plank format gives our new cork floors the look and feel of a hardwood but can be installed where hardwoods shouldn’t such as bathrooms and high moisture prone areas.” said Jeff Goldberg, CEO and founder of Cali Bamboo. “If you are familiar with wine tops, then you know that cork has some elastic properties which make for an amazingly durable and softer floor. This, coupled with the fact that the floor is highly resilient and comes from a sustainable and recycled resource, makes cork a perfect complement to our new GreenClaimed brand.”

GreenClaimed cork flooring has the added benefit of insulating against both temperature and noise. The low-maintenance, visually appealing product line is also naturally mold and water resistant which can damage traditional hardwoods.

“We’re excited to offer our customers a new flooring material option,” says Tanner Haigwood Cali Bamboo’s Vice President of Sales. “They have a travertine natural stone look but in a hardwood format with unique compression and insulation properties that you just can’t get with any other material.”

The new cork plank flooring family ranges in color from a carrara marble shade through a contemporary grey up to a dark charcoal and everything in between. All seven flooring options are manufactured by Cali Bamboo in Portugal under the GreenClaimed brand and are now available nationwide. With ultra-low VOC and no added urea formaldehyde, GreenClaimed cork flooring is also CARB Phase 2 compliant. Staying true to the company mission, this collection is eco-friendly and LEED credit qualified through the U.S. Green Building Council.

About Cali Bamboo and GreenClaimed
Cali Bamboo is one of the fastest growing green building material companies in the United States over the last decade and have, until now, focused primarily on bamboo based products. Their new GreenClaimed brand is a continuation of their vision to create innovative sustainable building products for both residential and commercial projects in order to help make a positive difference in the future of the planet.

The new plank format gives our new cork floors the look and feel of a hardwood but can be installed where hardwoods shouldn’t such as bathrooms and high moisture prone areas.

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GreenClaimed Cork Flooring

Designer Cork is the New DIY Wall Art

New Cork Wall Tiles

Designer Cork Tiles are easy-to-apply wall panels layered with the raw bark of the cork oak tree. Tiles are the first product line of Cali Bamboo’s new brand, GreenClaimed® — featuring sustainably harvested natural resources that have been reimagined, revived and reclaimed for new building materials and innovative design.

San Diego, CA September 26, 2012

Imagine bringing the textures of the forest to interior designs with walls of living tree bark. Cali Bamboo®, a company of green building innovation, introduces GreenClaimed®, an original brand of renewably-sourced design products. The collection features sustainably harvested natural resources that have been reimagined, revived and reclaimed for one-of-a-kind building and décor elements. GreenClaimed® products bring a touch of the natural world to designs without cutting down a single tree. Products are created to be multifunctional and easy to work with — allowing boundless application possibilities for professional designers and DIY homeowners alike.

The first product line of the debut brand is Designer Cork Tile, a completely new application for a renewable resource. Designer Cork Tiles are easy-to-install wall panels approximately one by two feet in size and layered with the raw bark of the cork oak tree. With three eye-catching styles ranging from rustic tree bark textures to hand-cut geometric lines, each individual tile is distinct and reminiscent of stacked stone. Bring the beauty of the forest into homes, studios, lobbies, restaurants, salons or commercial spaces by transforming walls into natural art pieces.

Designer Cork Tiles are durable, sound-dampening and temperature-insulating, making rooms more energy-efficient. Easy installation allows interior decorators creative freedom to incorporate tiles in a variety of applications. Make a statement with full walls or ceilings of stunning raw cork bark. Create an artistic focal point above a mantelpiece, table or bed. Apply in home theatres and recording studios for one-of-a-kind acoustic insulation. Due to their earth tone colors and natural textures, Designer Cork Tiles work well as understated room accents as well as bold visual centerpieces.

Designer Cork Tiles are not only beautiful — they are also renewable. Outer bark of the cork oak is merely “trimmed” and allowed to grow back, leaving the tree undamaged. A cork oak can live up to 200 years with harvesting occurring once every nine years, yielding about 20 harvests during a tree’s life. The soft, spongy inner bark is most often used for wine corks; the leftovers are often recycled into flooring or other cork products. Designer Cork Tiles reclaim the exterior bark in its raw state and repurpose it for never-before-seen organic décor.

Based in San Diego, Cali Bamboo manufactures green building materials made primarily of bamboo — one of the world’s most durable, sustainable and renewable materials. Founded in 2004, the company has become a model of how individuals, businesses and communities can implement modern design while maintaining structural strength and environmental integrity. Cali Bamboo services residential and commercial building projects across North America with a wide range of products including bamboo floors, fencing, composite decking, plywood, poles, paneling and more. For more information visit

Designer Cork Tiles are durable, sound-dampening and temperature-insulating, making rooms more energy-efficient.

Sierra Designer Cork Wall Tiles

Tundra Designer
Cork Wall Tiles

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Cork Wall Tiles