Soundproofing Material & Wall Decor

Rudy a coach at La Jolla’s Fitwall talks about the wall decor that’s as unique as the workout.

Hi, I’m Rudy. Welcome to Fitwall. Fitwall is a completely different kind of gym and from the moment you walk in, you’ll see why. At Fitwall you are the machine. You use your body weight to drive the exercise. Our coaches guide you through the exercises and movements to really get your blood flowing and your heart rate up. Our Fitwall workouts can get very loud so we were looking for some sound proofing materials for the walls. Our contractor came across this cork wall tile material that really blew us away. Not only does it dampen the sound but it looks fantastic and it gives us a natural design feel to the gym. Not only was it super easy to install but our athletes comment on it daily and a lot of them will go up and touch it. We’re probably going to use it in all of our other locations. I hope to see you out here at Fitwall La Jolla. Get your sweat on, get your work out on, and remember at Fitwall you are the machine.

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Bamboo Landscape

Bill P. installed Bamboo Flooring, Bamboo Fencing and Composite Bamboo Decking in his tropical backyard.

Hi. My name is Bill Probert. Welcome to my home in Leucadia, California. Just recently we decided to do some home improvement projects, and we had two things that we wanted to keep in mind. The first is to create an environment that worked with my family and our lifestyle, and second was to create an environment that is friendly to our environment. And that’s where Cali Bamboo came in. We had several projects. The first project was for our guest house where we needed to install a floor. We chose Cali Bamboo and their bamboo flooring for two reasons. One, because of the sustainability and two because it was a very beautiful flooring material that we put in. Our second project was to create fencing in our backyard. We chose the Cali Bamboo black bamboo fencing because, one, it was just absolutely beautiful and it integrated well into the landscape, tropical kind of design that we have here in our home. Ok, the next project, which was our third project, we needed some decking for our lanai at our guest house and we chose the BamDeckComposite Bamboo Decking material and it turned out absolutely great. We had a great time working with Cali Bamboo. Our house turned out beautiful. The comments about the materials we used, particularly the bamboo fencing is something that our friends always comment about. We had a great experience. The product looks wonderful and we can’t wait to do more business with them.

Brazilian Cherry Hardwood Flooring Look with Bamboo

Dave with Vincent Builders Inc. built custom stairs, handrails and a banister using unfinished bamboo plywood to match the Bamboo Flooring’s Brazilian Cherry Hardwood look.

Hi. I’m Dave President of Vincent Builders Incorporated. We’re here at the 3800 sqft. spec home I recently completed in Fountain Valley. Working on this project we brought on Derek Wolf of Wolf Designs. While selecting materials we were looking for something that would give us a warm, rich, high-end look. While looking for flooring, we examined many different species of exotic hardwoods. We were looking for something that would have a very beautiful grain. We came across the Fossilized® Cali Bamboo® flooring and it had everything we needed. One of the things we loved about working with Cali Bamboo, not only were we able to use their pre-finished flooring, but by using their unfinished bamboo plywood, we were able to create our own banisters and hand rails as well as custom made stairs and noseings. We enjoyed working with the bamboo products inside the house so much that we wanted to keep the eco theme going as we moved to work on the backyard and pool deck. We were able to find the Cali Bamboo BamDeck® Composite Decking. It worked great, had everything we needed. We were able to build a brand new beautiful deck on top of the existing pool deck. Because the BamDeck® is a solid composite decking, it allowed us to do custom cuts, curved corners, and even implement water features and lighting into the decking. Working with the Cali Bamboo BamDeck® and the Bamboo Flooring was wonderful the end product turned out great and we look forward to using this product on many more projects to come. This hose is currently listed for sale. If you would like a private showing, feel free to contact Casey Lesher with HomGroup.

Hardwood Flooring Dogs

Chrissy’s 2 dogs Alex and Blue are no match for Fossilized® Vintage Java Flooring by Cali Bamboo.

Hi my name’s Chrissy, welcome to my home here in Reno Nevada. About a year and a half ago we wanted to redo our floors, and we decided to go with bamboo. We have two large dogs, Blue and Alex. Our largest dog is about 100 pounds, they can be very aggressive when someone knocks on the door so it’s been kinda crazy because they can’t get their traction very well so they skid across it with their nails. We were very concerned at the beginning thinking that they would scratch the floors, but these floors are super strong. They hold up well. I want to give props to Nate at Renew Bamboo who did our floors, he did a great job. It was great to work with him, he’s our friend. He does awesome work. He did anything we asked him to do. He did our stairs for us, and uh he does a great job. We love it. We love our bamboo floors, they’re very strong. They’re beautiful, and we’ve had no problems with them. We absolutely love them.

Bathroom Flooring Ideas

Marcie H. of San Diego transformed her bathrooms with Midnight Cork Flooring.

Hi my name is Marcie, welcome to my home in San Diego, California. Recently we replaced the linoleum in our bathrooms with GreenClaimed® Cork Flooring and it looks amazing. So we decided to install the flooring ourselves which made me a little nervous because my husband has never actually installed flooring before but he was able to get it done in one weekend and turned our really well and in fact, the hardest part was pulling up the old vinyl. We were concerned about putting hardwoods in the bathroom because of moisture and we have a 6-year-old son that likes to splash around in the bathtub so we went with a cork which is naturally water resistant. We chose the Midnight color which is dark and modern looking and goes really well with the Antique Java Bamboo Flooring. We are so happy with the way the flooring turned out, the cork is really comfortable to walk on, it looks fantastic and it’s just amazing what a difference installing new flooring in a room can make.

Oak Flooring Look With Eucalyptus

John installed his Natural Fossilized® Eucalyptus flooring diagonally.

Hi my name is John A, welcome to my home here in Ranch Bernardo. My wife and I are both eco-minded and we recently had a flood. When it came time to replace the flooring, we wanted to do something sustainable. We went to Cali Bamboo and looked at the bamboo flooring, and we were about set to get that when out of the corner of our eye we caught this Eucalyptus Flooring, and immediately we were sold. It is just stunningly beautiful. Not only is it an eco-friendly floor, but its got this beautiful wood grain, it’s very durable. We have a dog so that was important for us. When we were in the market for flooring, we noticed, down the street, a neighbor of ours had put their flooring in on a diagonal, so we decided to do the same thing. We’re looking forward to enjoying this floor for years to come, I mean, every time we walk in the door and look down we’re just very pleased. I have to say that working with Cali Bamboo was a pleasure. From the moment we walked into the showroom, until delivery of the floor and the whole bit, they’re just good people to work with.

Decorative Cork

DIY Network’s I Want That features Cali’s Designer Cork Wall Tiles.

If your walls are feeling a little bare, consider dressing them up with these. Designer tiles made entirely of cork.I was looking for a different kind of replacement to put on the wall, something that is very eye catching and that worked out to be perfect.Designer cork tiles are made of 100% tree bark. From the forest, straight to your living room.It has a lot of texture to it so you can touch it, you can feel it. I like the color of it, it blended well with the scheme that we already had.

And the fact that its natural and sustainable, I like that.

Cork tiles also provide natural insulation, making rooms more energy efficient.They come in three woodsy styles: Sierra, Tundra, and Meadow.

The install process is fairly simple, it’s a peal and stick application, there is a little bit of measuring involved, but the cutting is fairly easy.

Once the pieces are cut to size, apply the peal and stick adhesive, remove the backing tape with a hard flat instrument, and the tiles are ready to go. In less than half a day your walls have gone from bare to beyond compare. When everyone turns around you’re going to see that wow factor of the wall and it’s a nice surprise to see. It looks wonderful. Awesome.