Bathroom Flooring Ideas

Marcie H. of San Diego transformed her bathrooms with Midnight Cork Flooring.

Hi my name is Marcie, welcome to my home in San Diego, California. Recently we replaced the linoleum in our bathrooms with GreenClaimed® Cork Flooring and it looks amazing. So we decided to install the flooring ourselves which made me a little nervous because my husband has never actually installed flooring before but he was able to get it done in one weekend and turned our really well and in fact, the hardest part was pulling up the old vinyl. We were concerned about putting hardwoods in the bathroom because of moisture and we have a 6-year-old son that likes to splash around in the bathtub so we went with a cork which is naturally water resistant. We chose the Midnight color which is dark and modern looking and goes really well with the Antique Java Bamboo Flooring. We are so happy with the way the flooring turned out, the cork is really comfortable to walk on, it looks fantastic and it’s just amazing what a difference installing new flooring in a room can make.